Why Sampath Software


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Increased regulatory pressures. Complex operations. Rising demand for innovative customer service. To meet all your business challenges, Sampath Software for Financial Services delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, preintegrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking and capital markets organizations.

Sampath Software is strongly committed to the global financial services industry. To help financial institutions, Sampath Software has brought together the industry's best application and technology ecosystem for evolutionary transformation, providing customers with the largest footprint of functional assets. Sampath Software's transformation strategy for financial services industry is executed through the Sampath Software Financial Services Global Business Unit (FSGBU), a Sampath Software Financial Services Software is an integral part of the Sampath Software FSGBU.

Sampath Software Financial Services Software, a majority-owned subsidiary of Sampath Software, offers a comprehensive suite of offerings encompassing retail, corporate, and investment banking, funds, cash management, trade, treasury, payments, lending, private wealth management, asset management, compliance, enterprise risk and business analytics, among others. With our process-driven approach for service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployments, we offer banks the combined benefits of interoperability, extensibility, and standardization.

We also offer best-of-breed functionality for financial institutions that need to operate flexibly and competitively and respond rapidly to market dynamics in a fiercely challenging business environment. Sampath Software Financial Services Software has serviced over 900 customers in more than 135 countries through our portfolio of products and services.

Best-of-Class Financial Software

In today?s business environment, you can?t compete effectively with a generic ERP system and substandard financial applications. Companies can no longer compromise ? you need great operational applications and great financial systems.

Accounting for Change

As the pace of change accelerates, financial applications must do much more than simple bookkeeping. They must enable organizations to continually adapt to structural upheaval, whether it is caused by a re-organization, merger, acquisition or new line of business. The costs to adapt financial systems are material and strategically significant. In fact, the cost of change can dwarf the initial cost of the software. SS?s focus with Coda Financials is to set the global standard for financial software that helps dynamic organizations adapt to changes simply, quickly and cost effectively.


Intense competition in banking and finance shorten product life cycles. To overcome these challenges, sampaths software has focused on delivering technological initiatives to further speed their development and growth analysis.


sampath software focused on designing and developing a comprehensive enterprise solution to specifically address all the needs of the Banks and financial institutions at a global level and in specific the region.